Vendors We Love: Spindle Photography

Kelly Cummings from Spindle Photography is definitely one of our favorite vendors! She is an amazing photographer located here in Birmingham! We loved working with Kelly on our 2014 ad campaign and she even photographed the wedding of our manager and bridal stylist, Molly! Every photo you see on our website was taken by Kelly - isn't she wonderful? Get to know Kelly below! Learn how she got into photography and the hobbies that she has taken up to stay creative!


When did you decide to pursue photography?

I was actually majoring in anthropology with a focus in archaeology in college, but had been interested in photography since learning black and white film photography in high school art class. My dad owns newspapers and after spending a summer as a photojournalist for my hometown paper, I fell in love with digital photography as well. Senior year in college I volunteered for a photojournalism conference and met a wedding photographer who had switched from a major newspaper to weddings, and I started to really see photographing weddings as a potential way to combine my increasing love for photography and secret love for weddings. My husband (we were still just dating back then) encouraged me to pursue photography, and it has now been six years since the first wedding I photographed.

What is your favorite part of the wedding to photograph?

I really love spending time with just the bride and groom. I love how on a wedding day even if the couple usually doesn't feel comfortable around a camera they are usually so swept up in the euphoria of the day that they barely notice I'm there capturing it all. I love seeing the smiles they couldn't hide if they tried, the look of disbelief after the ceremony, the way grooms tend to play with their new wedding bands, the whisperings here and there that suggest that even in all the hustle and bustle there is a secret story and experience happening just between the two of them. These are the moments that seem the most real to me, and I love helping preserve a memory of them.

We love your calligraphy too! What other creative hobbies do you have when you aren't shooting weddings?

I have loved getting into lettering just as another creative outlet. I'd always loved calligraphy and I finally took a Copperplate class in September 2012 and loved it! I'm also in a children's book bookclub at Church Street Coffee and Books which has definitely revived my long lost love of reading, and I'm so glad I've started making more time for reading, including the occasional grown-up book as well! I fulfilled another lifelong dream of learning to quilt at a Gee's Bend quilting camp this April, so I've been working on machine piecing squares for a quilt top when I can. I have a general obsession with France and being faux French, which could probably be considered a hobby at this point. I've been joking that gardening is the only thing left on my desired hobby list. I'd love to have a rose garden at some point!

Besides Birmingham, what is your favorite city to photograph weddings?

I'm currently quite smitten with Mobile, Alabama; this summer I have photographed two weddings there and am just in love with the oak trees, the historic homes, and the general charm of Southern cities by the water. I have quite a long list of favorite cities that I'd love to spend more time in, and would definitely love to photograph more weddings in: Paris and Fontainebleau in France, New Orleans, Chicago, Nashville, Savannah (I just finished Midnight in the Garden of Evil so now I have to go back and see all of the places from the book!), Charleston, San Francisco (where my husband and I got married!), Natchez, MS (where my husband and I met!), Galveston (where my grandmother lived and where my dad grew up!), and Chapel Hill, NC (where my husband and I went to college!).

What can we find you doing on your days off?

Most of my days off my husband and I will eat brunch and ideally drink some champagne, but the day definitely tends to revolve around really good food. I like spending off days catching up on reading, doing some lettering for fun, maybe cleaning or organizing at home if the mood hits me! And of course daydreaming about life in France! It's just nice to get away from the computer screen and change things up!


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