Vendors We Love: Mariée Ami

We are so excited about our next feature of our "Vendors We Love"

We have had the privilege of working with this amazing team of ladies for several years and value their talents as well as their friendship. They truly give their brides the best service and strive to make their bride's weddings a dream come true.

Scroll below to get to know these ladies!

Neillie Butler - Owner & Executive Planner


How did you get started in the wedding planning business?

I always dreamed of one day becoming a wedding planner but never really thought it would happen. After planning corporate events for 7 years I decided to start planning events on my own in hopes of one day planning strictly weddings. After one year I had planned 20 weddings as a one man shop in the basement of my house.

What is your favorite part of the wedding to plan?

I love the logistics believe it or not. Timelines, keeping up with details and coordinating people is what truly makes a wedding day a true success. It is easy to design and create beautiful things, but a unorganized wedding will ultimately fail.

What are your favorite colors to see in weddings this year?

I love the lightness of lavender but at the same time I get really excited when I see emerald green.

Whats the most elaborate thing you've planned/designed for a wedding?

We are lucky to have some really wonderful clients that allow us to plan elaborate weddings all the time. There is nothing more fun than planning a wedding where every detail is covered and the sky is the limit on what we can do. These clients usually trust us to do whatever it takes to make the wedding an exceptional event for all of their guests and it is the trust that leads to a fun planning experience for all involved. Whether is is an elaborate flower plan, lighting design or band, my favorite thing about weddings like this is the expressions on the faces of all the guest when they walk in.

Where is your favorite location to plan weddings besides Birmingham?

We are working a lot more on 30A at the beach and loving it. However we have an incredible wedding planned for the mountains of North Carolina in June and are headed out to Aspen in October. Both offer incredible back drops for our brides.

What does Mariee Ami mean?

It means Bride's Friend in French, the language of love! We become great friends with our brides and do whatever it is to make our friend's day perfect!


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