Vendors We Love: Brittany Massey

We love and admire the amazing make-up artistry of Brittany Massey! She has an incredible way of highlighting your best features and making you look beautiful and natural. We recommend her all the time and brides always comment about how talented she is as well as how sweet her heart is! Scroll down to view these gorgeous images of her work!


When did you decide to start doing hair and makeup professionally?

I was 19, a freshman at Alabama, and had already changed my major twice! Needless to say, I had no clue what I wanted to do. A ministry that I was involved with decided to put me in the Miss Corola pageant, and even though it was way out of my comfort zone, I thought the chance to give God a shout out in a mainly sorority based pageant was a pretty cool opportunity. Hair and makeup had always been a hidden passion of mine, but when it came to pageants I was clueless, so I hired a professional. The lady who did mine seemed to be having the time of her life, and after talking with her about how she got started, I felt like it was God who orchestrated the whole thing, and I left inspired and encouraged me to give hair and makeup a shot! Scariest decision I've made to quit 'normal college' and go to hair school, but He held my hand the whole way through, and I haven't looked back once!

What makeup/hair trends are you loving right now?

Messy messy messy. Perfectly undone you could say. I love it when a bride isn't afraid to step out of the 'perfect hair' boundaries and try a slightly textured style! And I'm still a fan of clean and simple of the face. It's refreshing.

Which part of the face is your favorite to work with?

If you had asked me a couple months ago, it would've been all about the eyes. But I'm loving the transformation that can take place with an easy highlight and contour on the face! Brides are always so shocked when they see it properly done, and then learn how easily they can achieve it on their own.

What do you like to do on your weekends off?
Nothing! Hahahaha any time I get to spend with just my little boy and my man is time well spent, no matter what were doing. Right now were trying to transform our backyard, so that's a fun little project we like to pick up on when we get the chance.

What music are you listening to this summer?

I've always been a little bit of everything kind of girl. From Jasmine Thompson, to Bethel, Bublé or Adele, I'm all about some variety to keep things interesting and fun!

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