Monvieve is the world's most exclusive haute couture bridal veil and headpiece company. Innovative, elegant and definitive, it is a high fashion collection for women of individual style that includes both bespoke heirloom bridal veils from Italy and custom developed headpieces from France.  Completely made by hand, the veils represent the highest levels of luxurious fabrications and workmanship, while the chic headpieces parlay the sophistication and uniqueness of French couture.  True to the Monvieve philosophy, new methods of working Chantilly and other experimental processes evolves an aesthetic apart from the mass: luminous tulle, silks and horsehair defy definitions as both contemporary and centuries old archived lace patterns and techniques come together to singularly create drama and emotion.

Regarded as the most exquisite and refined bridal veils and headpieces on the market today, the collection is for modern brides who are looking for that sublime bridal accessory that stirs the imagination while appealing to the timeless traditions of a wedding ceremony.  Intended to be passed through generations, Monvieve captures the extraordinary…  both the prodigious beauty and glorious magic of one of the most significant moments in a woman's life.

ranging from $300 - $2,500

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